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Literary Materials Depot BRICK | Karolina Maria Wiśniewska

Opening: July 1, 2022, at 8:00 PM
Exhibition open until July 29, 2022.

The exhibition accompanies the defense of the artist’s doctoral thesis.

The Literary Materials Magazine “Cegła” was established in 2001 – as stated by the editor Karol Pęcherz – or maybe in January of the year 2000, as indicated in the footer of the first issue. The editor-in-chief was Bruno Lef Lewin, a cleverly invented persona for the purpose of assuming this role. The figure of the fictional Editor-in-Chief, the creator of the fictional aesthetic direction of “podrealizm,” can be seen as a foreshadowing of the fate of the Magazine. Since 2008, Karolina Maria Wiśniewska has been responsible for the project of successive issues of the Magazine. Some may perceive us as a group of audacious tricksters. From the very beginning of the magazine’s existence, voices have arisen that we capitalize on well-known names from the world of poetry, juxtaposing them with each other and with our own, sometimes satirical, themes.
Our work can be seen as a reflection of curators taking on the role of artists, inventing exhibition themes, and compelling artists to work on assigned projects for grants, as if they, not the artists themselves, knew better what art should be about. However, we see it a bit differently…
Karolina Maria Wiśniewska
The artist received an award at this year’s Polish Graphic Design Awards in the Magazine category for MML CEGŁA.

[Link to the event](https://fb.me/e/2h3sGcU15)