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Waldemar Węgrzyn, instalacja "Ich verstehe nichts", Echo - multisensoryczne mediacje.

ECHO – MULTIsensory MEDIAtion | Jan Śliwka | Waldemar Węgrzyn | Tomasz Koclęga – sculpture

Opening: November 23, at 18:00

The exhibition is open until December 7, 2019

Curator: Bogdan Król


The word “mediation” is derived from the term “mediare” meaning being in the center of something, and the Latin term “medius” is used in two different connotations, as middle and impartial. In the obvious context, the word “mediation” defines mediation in resolving conflicts, in a metaphorical sense it can be referred to operating a work of art as a medium that occupies a central place in the communication process between the artist and the recipients of his works. When the work created by the creator is received with many senses, its influence becomes multisensory.

The exhibition presents multimedia works of three artists working over the past 40 years, and thus in various available technologies. Thus, we have a unique opportunity to travel through the metaphor of the forms of sculptures created, the materials used, inspiration and a range of interactive relationships with art recipients.



The exhibition is under the Honorary Patronage of the Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Antoni Cygan.

Project is co-financed from the budget of the city of Gliwice.



Fot: Waldemar Węgrzyn / Ich verstehe nichts / I understand nothing / 2018