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Figures – reality in pieces | Magdalena Kwapisz – Grabowska

Opening: June 15 at 20:00

The exhibition is open until June 29, 2019

Universal beauty understood as the simplicity of shapes, the strict economy of colors and lines, with the richness of texture and freedom of workshop at the same time, is the goal that Kwapisz – Grabowska sets for herself in painting. The artist focuses on the human being and his environment, but captured in an abstract, simplified way, heading towards the sign. A soft spot of color and a line arranging them naturally build the form of a human, often female body. Carnality in the female dimension is clearly closer to her. However, some canvases also feature men unexpectedly. Masculinism in all its concrete form is treated somewhat humorously – the attribute of masculinity becomes … a mustache.
But in fact, in Kwapisz-Grabowska’s works, the subject is irrelevant – a woman, a man, an animal, a landscape or an interior… because the subject is only a pretext for creation. The postulate of simplicity is dominant, i.e. synthesis, level, vertical, symmetry, peace and harmony, and the artist faces these aspects of painting constantly. The deliberate procedure is deformation, breaking reality into parts and building it anew. The exhibition includes all the most important motifs and cycles that have so far appeared in Kwapisz-Grabowska’s painting.


Magdalena Kwapisz Grabowska was born in Gliwice.
In 1999, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, obtaining a diploma with honors in the gravure printing studio of prof. Stanisław Kluski and an additional diploma in the painting studio of prof. Jacek Rykała. Since then, she has participated in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad, and her paintings are in private collections around the world. She received a distinction in the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. In 2015, she completed a course in painting theory at the Universität der Künste in Berlin.