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Pług, Horror, Włoszczyzna | Viki Mierzicki

Opening 18/01/2019. at 19.

The exhibition “Pług, Horror, Wloszczyzna” is the first exhibition of Viki J. Mierzicki in Poland.
Viki J. Mierzicki – born in Poland in 1963, and since the mid-1980s living in Germany. He is a loud, screaming and inexorable artist who in his expressive style reveals and exposes important events of modern times.
He is a loner on the set of contemporary painting. In his work, he focuses on perceiving the suffering of the individual, the individual. What is personal becomes political here, and what is political – personal.

Mierzicki’s paintings are created in direct debate with the events surrounding him. He focuses his attention on people, and the most important artistic challenge for him is the transformation of real situations and events into a creative, expressive painting form. He often finds solutions full of humor and satire, but in no case is it about satire as a form, but rather to indicate situations in front of which we turn our heads and close our eyes.

His works cover a painting spectrum similar to his related artists, such as Jean Dubuffet, Chaim Soutine and Willem de Koonig. Their work is an inspiration for him.
Objectlessness, wildness of paints, fragility of forms is a specific reference to human life and the traces it leaves on a faded face.